Extended Roast Times/Slow Roasting

The primary and almost exclusive causes of slow roasters, extended roast times and/or roast times that have progressively grown longer are using extension cords, residue build-up on the interior of the roasting chamber, lint/ dust blockage on a DC Fan, low available voltage or operating the roaster in temperature exceeding the recommended temperature conditions of 50 F* to 80 F.

Before emailing please read and perform all maintenance procedures as shown in Update 3 .

***Extensive testing shows the newness of the home plays little if any role in determining voltage availability.

1) Are you using an extension cord?
Yes – As mentioned in the Important Safeguards (Page 2), extension cords will and do have very negative effects on voltage due to resistance and presents a safety hazard. Cease use of the extension cord if you wish to have regular roast times.
No – Continue to question 2
2) Are you roasting past 10 seconds into 2nd crack, experienced excessively smoky roasts and/or experienced a bean ignition that has darkened the interior?
Yes – see Update 3
No – continue to question 3
3) Do you know the actual voltage available for the outlet you use for roasting or do you have the ability to test for this data?
Yes – What is it at he start of the roast and midway through
No – Continue to 4
4) Are you operating the Behmor below 50 F* or above 80 F?
Yes – What is the ambient temperature that you are operating the Behmor?
What is the starting temperature of the beans that you are roasting?
  The Behmor was designed to roast properly between an ambient temperature of 50 F*-80 F.
No – Please continue to 5
5) Please perform the prescribed test listed in Update 1 and supply the findings as requested
If none of the above apply, please fill out the Customer support form shown below and provide a full description of what has occurred along with available voltage and any test data.

Before continuing please complete this
customer detail form.
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* The Behmor can be and is successfully used in environments that are at or around freezing (not stored in - just used in) and in warmer environments such as San Diego, which reach above 90. If you use The Behmor 1600 in environments when they are at the extreme edges of the design specs (average human comfort level basically ie: you are comfortable and not just tolerating the temperature) it will require that you alter how and when you use it such as roasting in early mornings. In some cases there are useful work arounds along with keeping the interior cleaned as described in Updates 1 and 3 on our website.

Remember, the Behmor was designed and approved by ETL, CSA, GS and CE to be used indoors.