Err 1

Generally, there are three conditions which can cause an error1.

  • The system is below 45F (7.2C).
  • The motor has malfunctioned and burned out another component
  • The system experienced a rise in temperature greater than expected.

1) Was the system stored in a sub 45F (7.2C) degree environment for any length of time?
Yes – Reset the Behmor by unplugging it, then plugging it back in after it has been allowed to warm up to above 50 F.
No – Please continue with 2.

2) Did an err6 message appear before the error 1.
Yes – The motor and another component are no longer working. Please fill out the Customer support form shown below about obtaining replacement parts or service.
No – Does the motor turn at all when you start a roast?
3) Did the error message appear after a roast that exceeded the recommended time of 10 seconds into 2nd crack?
Yes – The system will require a cleaning. Please go to "Cleaning your Behmor" for the appropriate procedure.
No – Did the error message occur after an excessively smoky roast?

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