The Brazen Brewer

Behmor Inc. is proud to introduce a new brew system that utilizes technology in some cases never before used in coffee brewing and others only commercially - The BraZen* Brewer.

Behmor Inc. has developed the means to mitigate wide temperature swings by providing users with the ability to control brewing temperature settings between 190-210°F. We insure accuracy with our altitude-corrected calibration technology. When coupled with other features, such as pre-soak, full saturation water and manual water release, users will for the first time and like never before, be able to control how they brew their coffee and obtain a wide array of characters in their cup.



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Water quality plays a significant role in producing a great cup of coffee and in maintaining the equipment’s functionality. You'll find the BraZen , like all precision brewers, runs at top efficiency when your brewing with quality water, and your cup of coffee is exponentially greater as well.

It is imperative for optimum performance to always use purified water.

Beside tainting the taste of your coffee the negative effects due to mineral build up from hard water can lead to equipment failure.

Multiple Patents Pending Both US and Foreign

*Designed to meet or exceed 2011 SCAA 2011 Brew Standards for water temperature - Behmor will apply for certification at some time in 2013.

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